The art of styling. How to tell yourself through clothes on May 2 presentation in Bagnacavallo

Bagnacavallo (RA) – The Municipality of Bagnacavallo And Lost Academy / Romagna Theaters organizing, in collaboration with The shop of the looka cycle Meetings with the authors in the Ridotto of the Goldoni Theater.

The first appointment, Monday, May 2 at 6:30 pm, will be Susanna Ausoni and Antonio Mancinelli, authors of The art of styling. How do you tell yourself through clothing, published by Vallardi. The meeting will be moderated by Monica Poletti, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Bagnacavallo. Admission to the Meeting is free, subject to availability.

Styling is the art of adding value to fashion, interpreting it to create stories. We are all our own stylists in the morning when we get dressed. With this book we discover its origins, techniques, creative processes told by the most influential Italian stylist and a great fashion expert. Everyone talks about it, but few know what they are doing, many confuse them with stylists. Yet stylists, once known only to professionals, have become one of the most important figures in understanding how the fashion planet works. As stylists design clothes, stylists play with combinations, build an imaginary from the creations of fashion designers and remix, transform, launch messages and create trends. This is the first book that fully describes the art of telling yourself without words through clothes and accessories, to choose the one that makes us feel good and look our best. Of all the professions related to fashion, that of the stylist escapes any clear definition, although to practice it requires accuracy, depth, clarity of views. Every time we try to explain it we encounter prejudices, misunderstandings, questioning looks. Because stylists live in a middle ground: they move on the path that separates the aesthetic universe of the creative person from that of those who will wear the clothes, in the space that opens up between the representation of the world and our own. Clothing is only the beginning of a story, and interpreting it according to a specific style, in light of the individual’s personality, is another matter. Because clothes can talk about us and the world, and it’s no coincidence that in recent years fashion has become the bearer of requests and messages of activism that often go beyond the simple product. And it is the job of the stylist to express the zeitgeist by rejecting it on the basis of individuality and capturing suggestions from art, culture, music. Summary of the history of fashion and a story of life and experience, manual and essay at the same time, this book collects the secrets and creative strategies necessary to find your own style and communicate ourselves through the wonderful world of clothing.

Susanna Ausonic is a stylist, image consultant and entrepreneur, born and raised in Milan. The fashion world intercepted her in the 1990s, when she was noticed at the Fiorucci store for her eclectic style. He started his career as a music look maker and within a few years became the style manager of MTV Networks, combining his two great passions, fashion and music. For more than ten years he has been working with fashion brands and record labels, in a young and international context, to define the professional figure of the stylist. He has curated and continues to nurture the style of numerous prominent personalities in the world of music and entertainment (Mahmood, Elisa, Carmen Consoli, Francesco Gabbani, Noemi, Francesca Michielin and many others). Her latest (but not least) adventure is My Room Vintage Shop, a shop in the heart of Milan’s Cinque Vie, a personal Wunderkammer, where you can find vintage pieces from the 1970s and iconic Prada garments adapted by her.

Antonio Mancinelli he is a journalist, writer and fashion critic. Born in Rome, but Milanese by adoption, he has curated several exhibitions, including: Short novel about men’s fashion in the costume gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. He wrote a monograph on Antonio Marras, Fashion!, Fashion: Box and other books. In addition to writing, he teaches in schools and universities, primarily the Academy of Costume and Fashion. For more than 15 years he was editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Italyand together with FashionPanoramaThe newspaperD – The Republic of Women And friend† He gives seminars on journalism at various universities and never stops cultivating projects. Also what to wear the next day.

The following appointments: Monday 9 May at 6.30 pm Luca Trapanese presents the novel Our imperfections (ed. Salani), while Monday 16 May at 6.30 pm Carlo G. Gabardinic he will meet the audience by telling his A common story. Sanpa: me, us, all (ed. HarperCollins Italia). The meetings, all with free admission, are led and moderated by Ada Sangiorgi, Councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Bagnacavallo and Renata Molinari of La Bottega dello Sguardo, respectively.

Free entry subject to availability.

Info: 0545 64330 – 0546 21306


Meetings with the authors in collaboration with La Bottega dello Sguardo

Monday 2 May 2022 at 6.30 pm – FREE ENTRY

first date with Susanna Ausoni and Antonio Mancinelli,
authors of The art of styling. How to tell through clothes

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