The competitors guarantees to decide on one of the best sandwich in Goiânia

Dthe hamburger to the chickpea hamburger, which fits via the normal x-tudo goiano. From this Friday (17/6) pit canines, burgers, bars and eating places will take part within the Burger Time Competition. A complete of fifty institutions created particular recipes for the competitors, which on 3 July will title one of the best sandwich and hamburger within the capital area of Goiânia.

Every participant added new pit canines and burgers to the menu, which can be judged by the viewers and a panel of judges throughout the competition. With costs starting from R $ 18 to R $ 46.90, firms deal with a mixture of meats, selfmade sauces and layers of substances.

Cassava brioche bread with 100 g hamburger, spicy tomato passata, bitter cream, cured meats and shredded beef breast (pastrami) and jalapeño pickles. That is Pastrami Brabo (R $ 40), from Mafuá Burger, which guarantees a spicy and juicy style with the mixture of pepper pickles and beef.

X-Porquin (R $ 29), from Colombina Gastropub, has the hamburger with brown curd raclette, arugula salad and jabuticaba sauce with ginger. The normal X-Tudo from Goiás, with bacon, eggs, sausage, corn, potatoes and even pineapple, is Rooma Sanduicheria’s alternative for the competition, priced at R $ 22.

Cornbread sealed in butter, rib burger, mozzarella, fried plantain, cream cheese in bottled butter and corned beef crispy. That is the hassle of Blends Burger Artesanal, which brings Fulkaxó (R $ 40) to the competitors. With out forgetting vegetarians, La Bottega Dell’Arte participates within the competition with Leonardo Da Vinci ($ 33), made with a falafel burger (chickpeas), gorgonzola sauce, breaded onion rings and pear.

To appoint the winners of the Burger Occasions Competition, the viewers and a panel of judges will vote on the sandwiches and burgers they like greatest. Voting will be executed via the QR code which is offered on the show of the institutions’ tables or via the web site: The primary three locations will win a Burger Time seal.

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With the concept of ​​honoring native manufacturing and favoring gastronomic tourism, the Burger Time Competition appeared for the primary time in 2019, bringing collectively 40 institutions. The second version returns with the intention of selling the gastronomic sector after the pandemic interval and brings a novelty: a printed and digital map with hamburger routes within the metropolitan space of ​​Goiânia. The map will comprise all of the contributors within the competitors, and can be distributed to lodges within the capital, along with being unfold on social networks.

The competition was conceived by occasion producer Cynnara Bretas, businessman Mateus Suassuna and chef Patricia Garcia, and is government produced by Gabrielle Carvalho. Co-realization is the Federation of Commerce in Items, Companies and Tourism of the State of Goiás (Fecomércio), Nationwide Service for Industrial Coaching (Senac Goiás) and Pit Canine Homeowners Union of Goiânia (Sindpitdog), with assist from the Assist Service for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae Goiás), Metropolis Corridor of Goiânia, Brazilian Affiliation of Bars and Eating places (Abrasel), Nationwide Service for Rural Studying (Senar Goiás), Hub Cerrado Institute and Affiliation of Younger Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs of Goiânia (AJE Goiania).

Try the listing of entrants within the Burguer Occasions competitors:


Handmade burger mixes: Alameda Imbé, block 30, plot 6, home 1, Parque Amazônia

Print: Of. Alphaville Flamboyant, lot 2, store 3

Mafuá: Rua 89, nº 630, Setor Sul

Fogata – BBQ Steak Burger: Rua S-3, No. 27, Setor Bela Vista

Texan Bull Burger and Beer: Of. Alexandre de Morais, 0, room 10, Parque Amazônia

Ailha Café e Aconchego: Rua C-180, nº 157, Nova Suiça Sector

Columbine Gastropub: Rua 1.129, No. 46, Setor Marista

La Brasa Burger: Rua C-244, nº 227, Nova Switzerland

Roça Brew Pub: Rua 1.128, nº 138, Setor Marista

Brago Bar and Restaurant Ltda: Rua 141, nº 86, Setor Marista

Villa Burger & Beer: Of. Copacabana, courtroom 50, plot 21/22, room 3, Jardim Atlântico

Blessed tapioca: Alameda dos Buritis, nº 88, Middle

In Field Burger Household: Avenida T-5, No. 1448, Setor Bueno

Me Gusta Smashburger: Of. C-233, Block 552, Lot 13, Jardim America

Gojira burger: S2 Avenue, S6 Block, Bela Vista Sector

Don Rapha: Of. T-3, No. 1751, Setor Bueno

Sure burger: Of. T-13, No. 245, White Vista Sector

Chapz Burger: Rua 143, nº 93, Setor Marista

Behest burger: Rua Santo Agostinho, No. 572, Jardim Europa

Lipes Burger: Rua Acaraí, block 76, plot 1-A – Aparecida de Goiânia

Strains of the Alto da Glória spear: Rua São Luís, No. 384, Alto da Glória sectors

Easy burger: Rua 72, nº 325, rom 2, Pattern Workplace, Jardim Goiás

Strains of Espeto Jardim Novo Mundo: Of. New York, block 36, plot 1, Jardim Novo Mundo

La Bottega De’ll Artwork: Rua 143, nº 30, Setor Marista

Pitéu Café Bar: 94th Avenue, No. 1149, South Sector

Turkish burger: Rua SR 7, No. 243, Block 14, Plot 5, Parque Santa Rita

Gluten free burger: Avenida Marechal Rondon, No. 1,344, Room 6, Setor Centro-Oeste

Alhodite: Avenida Antonio Perilo, s / nº, block 2, Jardim Balnerário Meia Ponte

Burger for a day: Rua 137, nº 120, Setor Marista


Life Burger: Of. Gercina Borges Teixeira, Courtroom QC8, Lot 1, Conjunto Vera Cruz

Bueno Burger: T-25 Sq., Bueno Sectors

Waltinhos snacks: C-205 Avenue, C-207 Sq., Jardim America

Eldorado Burg: Of. Ismerino Soares de Carvalho, Faisalville 1

Sanduuai Sandwich Store: twelfth Avenue, nº 148, Praça São Francisco de Assis

Mad-Mex sandwich maker: Avenida T-9, nook with Sweden / Denmark, Jardim Europe

Max Burguer Sandwich Maker: Avenida das Espatodias, Praça 1, Parque das Laranjeiras

Rooma Sandwicheria Ltd .: Avenida Cariri, block 6, plot 12, Jardim Diamantina

Squirrel sandwiches: Rua 5, block 5, Praça Tamandaré, West Sector

Sandwich Peppers: Of. Professor Alfredo de Castro, Parque das Laranjeiras

Chicao’s Sandwich Store: 18th Avenue, No. 486, West Sector Av T 10, Praça T-24 (Praça da Igreja Rosa Mística), Setor Bueno

Pit Canine Child Bee Snacks: Of. College, under Araújo Jorge Hospital, nº 707, College Sector

Pequizeiro burger: 234th Avenue, José Leite da Conceição Sq., College Sector

Plutus Alto da Gloria: Of. Eurico Viana, Alto da Glória sectors

Pepper Sandwich: Senator José Rodrigues de Morais Pires Sq., Amazonas Parks

Avalanche Burger: Rua José Gomes Bailão, No. 370, Cidade Jardim

East facet: Rua 240, block 94, plot 09, room 2, College sector

Child Bee: Walter Santos Sq., Coimbra sectors

Smiley Sandwich Store: Rua 10, nº 220, South Sector

X-Messe: Boaventura Sq., fifth Avenue, Vila Nova

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