The Dangerous Extremes Models Face on the Fashion Week Runways

Extremes models go through to lose weight

Milan Fashion Week is about to kick off, and if you’re a model looking to hit the catwalks, you’d better get a size zero. Unfortunately, it takes extreme and often dangerous measures to reduce a 5’8′ body to a hundred pounds.

“Packs of cigarettes, daily colonics, laxatives, weight loss products in pharmacies“Adderal, prescription drugs that suppress appetite,” supermodel Kira Dikhtyar summed up for us. “I’ve heard stories of some modeling agencies encouraging girls to use speed and cocaine to speed up their metabolism and eat less. And all kinds of injections are gaining in popularity, from the HCG injections that come with a 500 calorie diet to the T3 thyroid injections that inject healthy models to speed up their thyroid function, resulting in a faster metabolism. †

Dikhtyar said others try hypnosis to curb their desire to eat, while some resort to eating cotton balls to fill their grumbling stomachs. A model manager said a client was forced by her agent to pee on a ketosis stick to make sure she was following the guidelines. Atkins diet prescribed by the agent and did not consume carbohydrates.

Basketball Wives LA star, fashion designer and former model Jackie Christie — who will showcase her collection on models of all shapes and sizes during fashion week — has also witnessed some amazing weight loss methods.

“From taking water pills to washing off fat, the models do everything they can to get rid of excess fat or water weight before hitting the runway,” she told us. “Also, I’ve seen models do ridiculous household chores and diets — the lettuce soup diet, the lemon juice diet, extreme diet pills, etc. I’ve even heard of models detoxing for a full month before a show and exercising three times a day. It’s crazy.”

Why Do Stylists Want Zero-Size Models?

So why do high-end magazines want more “full” models on their covers these days, when high-end fashion shows are still looking for super-thin, super-young girls to hit the runway?

The people who collect the magazines are consumers. They want people to refer to them, which will make consumers more likely to buy products.

But the designers show their garments to the majority of the public, mainly retailers. Collections are also considered concepts, and those designs are mounted on a size 0 or size 2 mannequin. dress, pants, dress etc. are long. The only way to try on a long dress is with a model that is slim and long.

Emmy Award-winning designer and author David Zyla said that with so much at stake during the shows, designers don’t want the models they choose to overshadow their creations.

As a result, the models chosen are typically slim and androgynous, so that the audience is not distracted by a round hip or full breasts.

Model Health

But there are some stylists who are at least concerned about the health of models.

In 2016, the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America released model health guidelines to ensure models stay healthy during fashion week. These indications include models showing ID on the day of the show to claim they were at least 16 years old, providing healthy meals and snacks backstage, educating the industry to identify early warning signs in a person at risk of developing an eating disorder. develop, and encourage models who may have an eating disorder to seek professional help, preventing a model from continuing the profession without first being approved by a medical professional.

However, unlike some international fashion weeks like Madrid and Israel, the CDFA stopped implementing a minimum body mass index (BMI) for models, which would prevent underweight models from hitting the catwalk.

The CDFA did not respond to a request for comment.

Several industry insiders have said there’s only so much that can be done to confirm that models aren’t starving.

The issue has been raised repeatedly over the past few seasons and appears to have improved as a result. Model scouts are now not only looking for the look of the moment, they also want to represent young, affordable women who also have a healthy appearance.

There are stylists who have hired more groomed and healthy-looking models. Canadian designer Mark Fast has taken a step forward, presenting a mix of medium and plus-size beauties on his catwalk since 2009.”

“This fashion week only Elie Tahari sent me back because I was too thin,” added Kira Dikhtyar. “So I think I should give him a round of applause.”

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