The Greatest Ways To Save Money On A Home Renovation Revealed

Take time for color swatches and buy used pieces (Image: Getty Images)

Improving a home has a price.

In fact, a recent report found that home remodeling costs are now 40% higher than they were two years ago.

Since the pandemic began, the price of a complete bathroom renovation has increased by 40%, while loft conversions and kitchen conversions have both gone up by 25% on average.

But there are a number of ways to save money on renovations.

We have asked people who have carried out home improvement projects themselves to recommend their tips for raising money.

This is what they had to say …

Buy used – also your kitchen

Alice Greedus says that buying second-hand is a good way to save money – and she even did it with her own kitchen.

She says: “Spend some time on Gumtree and eBay every day looking for great deals. People sometimes get rid of kitchens they don’t like that are not very old at all. We bought our kitchen for £ 200 from Gumtree, it has a lovely quartz countertop and is of pretty good quality so it can be rebuilt in our house.

– My partner negotiated the price and the agreement was that we would have to remove the kitchen and remove it – companies can take a fortune for this service.

“We bought many used items at great prices, including a wine cooler, induction hob, top-notch kitchen faucet and even a Kitchen Aid. Most of the time, people had bought these new ones but did not like the color or had changed.”

alices kitchen before

Alice’s kitchen before … (Photo: Alice Greedus)

alice's kitchen after

… Her kitchen after (Photo: Alice Greedus)

Hire recommended craftsmen

Alice also suggests making friends with local artisans, before you begin your renovation.

She says: “It is unlikely that you will be able to do all the work yourself, some electricity or plumbing may need a qualified person and – although YouTube can be very helpful for other do-it-yourself information – you sometimes have to know when it’s time (and safer) to seek help.

“Hire recommended craftsmen and ask your family and friends if they know anyone before looking online.”

Help craftsmen save time and money

Alice also says that it is worth seeing if you can help the craftsman in any way.

She explains: ‘My partner helped our electrician for the day, did all the preparatory work and messy heavy work so we made the most of his time.

“The electrician was very happy with this arrangement because he usually hates the time consuming preparation work – it’s worth asking when they come to give you a quote if there is anything you can do to help them in advance.

“By becoming friends with the local window and door fitter, we managed to get a new front door worth over £ 1,000 for £ 200. This door was left over from a job that did not happen.

Do it yourself – and use YouTube tutorials

Victorian brick fireplace

Beth and her boyfriend worked to uncover the brick behind the fireplace in their Victorian home (Image: Beth Greer)

Beth Greer (@ ivyandbee.home) is a master at doing as much as you can yourself – learn from tutorials as you go.

“We have done, and continue to do, a lot of renovations to our home. It may not be very original, but YouTube has proven invaluable,” she told

“My husband always refers to ‘how-to’ videos – the last one was how to lay a herringbone floor and install a panel in the dining room. We also have some good neighbors who are a great source of knowledge. ‘

Get the right tools

Beth Greer adds: “The second tip would be to invest in the right tools.

“I spend my life on Instagram finding lots of ideas about what I want our home to look like – but it’s my husband who does the hard work and he’s learned that with the right tools for the job, the job is done faster. and with a better result. ‘

Do not pay anyone to supervise your work

“If you have the time to project manage the separate jobs yourself, it can save you thousands,” says Natalie, who has been busy renovating her first home in Walthamstow.

“It’s not easy, but it can really make a huge difference to your budget. We were initially given £ 15,000 for someone to oversee all our work – not including any material – and we quickly realized it was not possible for us.

“My partner is a freelancer, so had a lot more time during the day to oversee and act as a project manager – we could not have done it without it.”

Try and download most of the material

Aman Garcha, who renovated her entire downstairs, suggests that you try to buy all your own materials to save money.

She says: ‘We did as much of the work as we could – including breaking through walls, paneling and painting.

“We also bought many of the materials for the building ourselves – this includes bricks, crittall-style doors and Velux skylights. We shopped around for the best prices. ‘

Buy do-it-yourself tools used as well

Buying used can also extend to your do-it-yourself tools.

Natalie adds: “Often do-it-yourselfers will sell their leftover do-it-yourself materials – such as grout, plaster, fillers and silicone – and it can be much cheaper than buying everything brand new.

“Especially if you just need a small amount of something.”

Take time for samples and testers

Natalie also recommends that you take the time to be sure of your colors.

She says: “It may seem like you are saving time by not testing a paint color or testing the color of the wood varnish, but popping into a job when you are not 100% sure will cost you more money in the long run.

“We ended up wasting money (and time) on painting entire rooms in the wrong color – which was hugely frustrating and eroded our budget.

“So, even if it feels like it takes an eternity, set aside time for testers – and test your colors in different lights and at different times of the day.”

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