the outburst of Jean-Pierre Caillot, president of the Stade de Reims

What is your reaction to this flag seen in the parking lot where the Reims fans were?

We can issue press releases, we can repeat over and over again that we are not racist, that we are against racism, that we are a club with values ​​… The president has to come forward at a certain point to say: enough, and now enough! The general opinion is that the fans of the Stade de Reims are people who perform very well. It is no coincidence that for years we have been the least sanctioned club for overflows in the stands. We work side by side with our ultras, whose behavior I greet regularly. We do events together, we have experimented with new things to animate the club and the stadium, because a stadium is a party place. There must be good things going on there. And in the midst of all this there is a social phenomenon, which unfortunately we cannot escape. In this case we are dealing with a few individuals. Few are too many already, but I don’t want people to confuse my supporters who are reasonable people.

Who are these individuals?

This is a group that has been bothering us for a few months. Our teams have been notified. We try to control them, to exclude them, they are people who have nothing to do with football and who have nothing to do with the Stade de Reims. For them it is a political act to come to the stadium, to bring their ideas. We fight against these people and we will not give them any tolerance and no gifts. As soon as the flag with this Celtic cross came out, we asked the teams on site to intervene, with the help of the Lorient club, which worked with us to remove this flag. I find it really deplorable because the Stade de Reims has been known for years for its collaborations with Licra, the SOS racism… There is no possible merger, the supporters of Reims do not correspond to these values. I have always said that when you come to the stadium, you have to leave your ideas at the entrance and come and support your team, whatever their color or their opinions. Let the MesOs go and do their acts elsewhere but not in Delaune.

“Let the MesOs go and do their acts elsewhere but not in Delaune”

What are your means of action?

We make complaints when possible, we identify ourselves. We showed it the last time there were racist remarks at the stadium. There is a legislative apparatus that provides a series of remedies, we use them all, but not everything is possible. We are dealing with people who are brothel specialists who are fully aware of their rights but clearly not their duties. We are therefore systematically faced with procedural persons who oppose the procedures implemented. Whatever the law allows us to do, we will. May these people not expect complacency from us.

How did you react when you heard about the accident?

I thought to myself that it had been a long time since we had been disturbed. President of a football club, organizer of a show, we always have to deal with certain situations and this is particularly unpleasant. I knew the club would have to react very quickly. We do not do this in the form of a press release. I put myself on the front line and measure the risks and importance it assumes, but I put myself on the front line because these people don’t scare us.

“My approach is absolutely that of not wanting to appease or raise awareness. These things shouldn’t exist. “

The LFP Disciplinary Commission has opened an investigation. What does the club risk?

I have absolutely no idea and my approach is absolutely not to want to appease or raise awareness. It’s just that of a business executive, show organizer, who believes these things don’t have to exist.

Can you identify their number? Is it easier to manage these people at home?

It was even more complicated to master because it was out even if a priori, when we asked them to remove their flag, they removed it, there were no clashes or clashes. Sometimes we are dealing with populations that are not in their normal state. I also want my administrators to be safe. They are very few but even if they are few individuals, when you let it go, it can grow quickly. I know that today they are strengthened, with their ideas, not as supporters, by small groups that come particularly from the Parisian region. If they want to make a mess somewhere, whether they go to a courtyard or a parking lot, but they don’t come to the Auguste-Delaune stadium, they are not really welcome.

Are there also your words to say enough with amalgams, in particular towards the Ultrem or even all your supporters?

Other fans will not feel targeted but you do well to report it. Ultrem are boys and girls who bring atmosphere to Delaune, with whom we have been able to create a climate of mutual trust, who make us magnificent fans and who are completely in the spirit, to support their team. .

I don’t want anyone to think that MesOs are Ultrems at any time, and besides, I imagine Ultrems will be able to distinguish themselves from these people, who are different from them. We shouldn’t take this kind of attitude lightly, but we shouldn’t care about them either, because that’s what they’re looking for: a platform for people to talk about them. That is why I will not speak ten times or publish fifteen press releases.

This flag that created the malaise

It was a day of celebration at the Moustoir stadium. This Sunday, May 1st, just before 5pm, the Stade de Reims made official its stay in the elite by winning in Morbihan (1-2). Unfortunately, the post-match was ruined by this tricolor flag, hanging from the gates of the visitor’s parking lot in the Morbihan compound. An incident that will not go unanswered. As announced by RMC Sport, the Disciplinary Commission of the Professional Football League will open disciplinary proceedings. According to our colleagues, the incident was communicated in the minutes drawn up at the end of the meeting. Very quickly, the incident spread on social networks and during and after the meeting many images of the flag decorated with this symbol proposed by the so-called extreme radical right were transmitted, in particular on an account that reported the news of the hooligan and quoted MesOs, a group of thugs from Reims. A large number of supporters of the Stade de Reims were also quick to shout their indignation at these acts. The Human Rights League of the Pays de Lorient also intervened. Its president, Alain Le Dem, has sent a letter to Jean-Pierre Caillot and Loïc Féry, presidents of Reims and Lorient, to chastise these deplorable events, which have and will never have their place near the green rectangle.

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