the Parisians unwind for the last trip

This is the end of this meeting!

PSG won on the Montpellier lawn (0-4), during the 37th matchday of Ligue 1, thanks to a brace from Lionel Messi (6th, 20th) and goals from Angel Di Maria (26th) and Kylian Mbappé , on a penalty (60 °).

Marquinhos also warned

This offers a final free kick to Montpellier.

Last change at PSG

Gassama replaces Di Maria.

Another caveat

It is Ferri to be warned.

New yellow card

It is Mbappé who is warned, after a gesture of humor on Cozza, guilty of a fault.

Double change at PSG

Kehrer and Bernat are replaced by Hakimi and Mendes.

Messi really wants his hat-trick

In the area, after a chest control, Messi continues with a recovery of the left, but his ball slips to the side!

The Ristic strike

From distance Ristic hits from the left low shot, but it is without danger for Donnarumma who grabs the ball.

New message from the speaker

The next time you throw bullets, the game will be stopped! For now, the game has resumed.

Two last changes in Montpellier

Souquet and Mollet are replaced by Sambia and Leroy.

Smoke bombs on the lawn …

The match is temporarily suspended.

First ball for Simons

And already yellow card!

Make room for the young people of PSG

Wijnaldum and Herrera are replaced by Simons and Michut.

Messi wants his hat-trick

But his right shot goes further.

And five … but there is offside!

After a cross from the left, Di Maria, in the area, scores with a ladle. But Mbappé was offside early in the action!

The post for Montpellier!

On the right, Mollet’s striker crashes into the post!

25th goal for Mbappé!

Mbappé remains the top scorer in the league, but Ben Yedder, who scored a hat-trick, is not far off, with 24 goals!

And four for PSG!

Mbappé takes care of this penalty and converts it with a shot from the right! Bertaud, going to his right, is caught on the wrong foot!

Launch of bullets in Montpellier

The referee returns a bullet to the delegate. The announcer is obliged to transmit a message.

Penalty for PSG!

Another foul by Souquet on Mbappé in the area. This time the referee designates the spot!

First shot from recovery

Upon entering the surface, Messi shoots from the right, but Bertaud manages to lie down on the ball.

Still no penalties for PSG!

Mbappé, struggling with Souquet, collapses in the area. But the referee doesn’t blow his whistle.

Double change in Montpellier

Germain and Gioacchini replace Mavididi and Thuler.

Still no change in Montpellier

However, the club plays with ten.

One wounded in Montpellier

We ask for a change. Mavididi appears to have injured his hamstrings during a race.

No changes to report

We started with the same 22 actors.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Montpellier committed.

It’s the interval!

At the end of the first 45 minutes, PSG took the lead on the Montpellier lawn (0-3), thanks to a brace from Lionel Messi (6th, 20th) and a goal from Angel Di Maria (26th).

Ramos is hot!

After the ensuing free-kick, Ramos heads in the box but is blocked by Thuler. Behind, he insists, from the right, but his ball ends up on top.

Mbappé gets up

The Parisian limps, but will resume his place.

Concern about Mbappé?

Mbappé is still on the ground. He is currently being treated in the Montpellier area.

Mbappé delights

Mbappé plays the jumper on Souquet, who then commits the blame. Yellow card against Montpellier.

April 20 …

PSG won their last game in Ligue 1. Since then, the club have had three draws.

Ramos introduces himself

Upon entering the surface, Ramos hits from the right, but Bertaud lies down on the ball.

The post for PSG!

Mbappé finds the post of his long attempt from the right!

The calf tries from afar

Mollet takes care of a free-kick, but his floating shot from the right is caught by Donnarumma, who is unsurprised on the rebound.

Di Maria’s statistics

Di Maria scores his fourth goal of the season in Ligue 1.

And three !!!

Centered on the left, in the area, Mbappé addresses a center. The defense of Montpellier comes out badly. At the far post, Di Maria is lurking and scores from the left!

Penalty for PSG?

Mbappé collapses in the area, but the referee doesn’t flinch.

The break for Paris !!!!!

Eccentric on the left, Mbappé, from outside the right, finds Messi very well, who eliminates Bertaud, before scoring, from close up, from the left!

The essential Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé scored 55 goals in all competitions in 2021/22 (35 goals, 20 assists), his highest total in a single club season in his career.

The bad relaunch of Donnarumma!

Mavididi tries to take advantage of it, but his long attempt from the right is wrong.

Wijnaldum introduces itself

Served in the area, Wijnaldum takes his head, but does not find the door.

Double offside

Lionel Messi, then Kylian Mbappé are flagged in offside position. Montpellier is trying to revive itself.

Bertaud, still present!

Mbappé, launched in depth by Messi, infiltrates the surface. His shot from the right is stopped by Bertaud, very fit!

And 16!

Mbappé’s 16th assist this season in Ligue 1.

Score opening for PSG !!!!

After the corner, left, eccentric in the area, Mbappé moves Messi to his left, who continues with a shot and scores from the left!

Penalty for Montpellier?

We ask Kehrer’s hand, but the referee doesn’t flinch. Behind, it goes fast. Messi, in the area, shoots from the left, but Bertaud deflects the ball for a corner!

The flag goes up

Mavididi is caught in the offside trap, while trying to leave for goal.

First shot of the match

Offset on the left, from afar Mbappé hits from the right, but Bertaud manages to lie down on the ball.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and PSG signed.

… and on that of PSG

Mauricio Pochettino starts only five of the holders of the last gameof Ligue 1, against Troyes (2-2), last Sunday: the Brazilian defender Marquinhos (28), the Italian midfielder Marco Verratti (29), the Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria (34), the Argentine striker Lionel Messi ( 34) and French striker Kylian Mbappé (23).

A 4-3-3 system: Donnarumma – Kehrer, Marquinhos (c), Ramos, Bernat – Wijnaldum, Verratti, Herrera – Messi, Mbappé, Di Maria.

Substitutions: Navas (g), Danilo, Dina, Gassama, Hakimi, Mendes, Michut, Simons.

Absent: Dagba, Diallo, Draxler, Icardi, Kimpembe, Kurzawa, Neymar and Paredes.

Zoom on the starting lineup of Montpellier …

Compared to the last game and the defeat on the Clermont lawn (2-1), last Sunday, during the 36th matchday of Ligue 1, Olivier Dall’Oglio makes three changes to its XI owner. French defender Mamadou Sakho (32), absent, French midfielder Leo Leroy (20), substitute, and French forward Valère Germain (32), substitute, are replaced by Brazilian defender Thuler (23). ), French midfielder Jordan Ferri (30) and French midfielder Sacha Delaye (20).

A 3-4-1-2 system: Bertaud – Cozza, Thuler, Esteve – Souquet, Ferri (c), Chotard, Ristic – Mollet – Delaye, Mavididi.

Substitutions: Carvalho (l), Germain, Gioacchini, Leroy, Mendes, Oyongo, Sambia.

Absent: Cabella, Omlin, Sakho, Savanier, Tchato and Wahi.

Jérémy Stinat at the whistle

At the Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier, the referee of the match will be Jérémy Stinat.

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