The right to education is violated by discriminatory exceptions. Mobilization in Rioma

The highly mobilized and angry students of the Pierre-Joel Bonte High School in Riom, joined by the students of the Claude and Pierre Virloget High School, teachers and their unions, held this Friday, May 13, a protest demonstration against the exclusion of three young people from this high school on outskirts of the city in the subprefecture of the city center. A race of young people in a hurry with slogans, songs and shouts (not so frequent, given its duration) to get canceled. It is demonstrated that the educated youth of Riomoise knew how to mobilize and that they must be reckoned with. Organizations SNES-FSU, Sud-Education, CGT Educ’Action called for this demonstration with the support of RESF and LDH.

From high school to Riom sub-prefecture (Puy-de-Dome) © Georges-André Photo

At the same time, substantial solidarity with Ukrainians forced to leave their country en masse continues with the reception in France of this population, mostly women and children, everywhere under the direction of the prefectures, with measures and funding that allow the mass education of 15,913 students who arrived from Ukraine, admitted to schools, colleges and lyceums (Source of National Education) May 12, including 327 in the department. Even those who belong to the restless or xenophobic right got into it. At the same time, without any dignity or shame (I don’t know), the hunt continues for non-white, non-European, non-Christian, fundamentally discriminating foreign youth in denial of the economic necessity and the real possibility of admission. Of course, without paying attention to the dramatic or even desperate situations that this hunt can create for these young people who have suffered from their history and their dangerous journeys, so often traumatizing, young people who can nevertheless show us their resilience. In short, institutional violence and significant loss of life, but which weigh only a light breeze for decision makers.

From streets to historic lanes towards the sub-prefecture © Georges-André Photo

Mobilization is still needed to cancel these OQTFs, these orders to leave the territory – an administrative shorthand for “immediate expulsion” adopted by the Prefect of Puy-de-Dome. Would it be in order to fill the properly declared exile quota? Sometimes this is successful, as was the case before spring break for Ali Konate, a CAP carpentry student at the Pierre-Joel Bonte High School in Riom, the OQTF is finally cancelled.

On a wide outer avenue… © Georges-André Photo

As soon as the OQTF targeting Ali was cancelled, the prefect signed three more for two students from the same high school from Guinea and, just in case, added another student from Brassac-les-Mines last year. They concern:

-Abdoulaye KEITHA, 1st Bachelor of Professional Arts student at lucvée PJ Bonté, holder of a CAP diploma in masonry from EREA de Lattre de Tassigny in Opme last year. For him, this is clearly a break in his studies.

– Abdoulaye Bach, CAP Painting student at PJ Bonté High School, after receiving CAP Plumbing in June 2021. Another break in training.

– Mohamed DEA, educated last year at the Vocational High School in Brassac-les-Mines, to prepare a CAP in Marketing and Services at the Hotel-Céfé-Restaurant obtained in June 2021.

Every day on TV and radio, on social media, the shortage of labor in the catering and construction sectors, which are under constant pressure, is forcing employers to reduce their activity, to make offers for jobs at wage levels that are significantly higher than usual , not finding candidates, or even close the store for the summer. Young people are studying here, completely satisfied with their seriousness and the diploma they have received, who want to work and can find an employer or have already found an employer who cannot hire them. And we hear on television that it may be necessary, though not light-hearted, to seek out foreign workers to make up for this economic shortfall that is hurting companies that are often small or small scale. The sign aptly wrote “Freedom, equality, absurdity“, freedom that stutters and stutters…

In the small streets of the center of Rionua © Photo by Georges-André

Satisfying an extremist political position in the nauseating air of the time is no longer just xenophobia, but absurdity, nonsense and economic waste that does not seem to move these supporters of liberalism and free enterprise. All three want to find a job or complete their studies in order to find a job with a qualification that gives them skills; the jobs are not filled, they want them, and the prefect wants to kick them out. I take my hat off to the blatant inconsistency and gaping contradiction!
Add to that these youngsters or underage fill professional sections that don’t attract crowds (at least) where they show mobilizing dynamism for other sections and within the establishment with real energy and proven success.

Those who govern us can no longer say that these expulsions are due to a lack of funds, housing or work, or even a lack of knowledge of the French language, when we see a massive and effective system developed in such a short time for the Ukrainians. who don’t speak French! Solidarity with Ukraine shows that the mobilization of significant resources is possible when politicians decide and when they are implemented by good servants of the state. the means to justify exile to some extent are utterly, definitively, undoubtedly false.

Before the sub-prefecture in the official absence of the sub-prefect © Georges-André Photo

Remember that after the first Gulf War in 1991, 350 Kurdish refugees were taken in in Clermont-Ferrand, recalls LDH’s Mohanad. Who does not remember the reception of Vietnamese boatmen in another almost forgotten time!

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Letters to the rector, elected officials, prefect

Three trade unions sent a letter to the rector, inspectors, prefect, elected officials … Here are long excerpts that make it possible to understand their state of mind and human condition:

In the education of unaccompanied minors and young people, special attention is paid to the staff of institutions … especially secondary vocational schools, where most of these young people study. They want to re-establish their existence here, despite the sometimes significant consequences left by the horrors they endured after leaving their country of origin. They are very often exemplary students in their school participation … Many employers say they are ready to hire them … in suspense.

In addition, we do not understand very well that some students today are being ordered to leave the country, to abandon their classmates, their teachers and their hope of liberation, the promise of the Republican School…

The coldness of the law finds no legitimacy here. Moreover, in the respective institutions there is a lack of understanding, as well as anger, both among the staff and among the students. No one chose to be a teacher to explain to the class that an empty chair is the chair of a comrade who was expelled the day before to the country from which he fled in order to survive … the meaning of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, national educators cannot accept this nonsense.. We demand the abolition of the OQTF as well as residence permits for these three young people who are actually survivors of the turmoil of the world…. »

After the deportation, of course, these young deportees are not monitored. The exiled country, official France, the country of the declaration of human rights, washes its hands, even if death is at a rendezvous.

In front of Bonte High School © Georges-André Photo

The hidden face of evictions: their cost

A June 2019 parliamentary report by MPs Jean-Noel Barrot (MoDem) and Alexandre Holroyd (LREM) estimated the cost of expulsion at an average of €13,800.

Compared to the sum of “voluntary”, “agreed” and/or “assisted” returns (2500 euros), the procedure, which is between 70 and 80% of “accompaniment”, costs 6 times more. The item “Supervision in the administrative detention center (CRA)” will amount to 5,710 euros of the total bill, followed by legal costs (3,429 euros), costs of defense and conviction (1,104 euros). Those expelled or “expelled” were returned to Albania (2112 people), Romania (1909 people), Algeria (1525 people), Morocco (1161 people) and Sudan (872 people). In 2018, the expulsion of illegal immigrants cost 468 million euros.

This new quantification of the cost of eviction tends to confirm two previous estimates: in 2009, the report of the General Administrative Inspectorate indicated an amount of 12,000 euros for each eviction; In the same year, the Court of Accounts, which admitted that it could not estimate some costs, such as those associated with the maintenance of administrative detention centers (ACCs), estimated the cost of deportation at 13,220 euros per person. On the other hand, in 2008 the Senate Finance Committee estimated the cost of deportation to the border at around €20,970 per deportee. For its part, Cimade, which interferes with the CRA, valued each of the 19,800 evictions in 2008 at 27,000 euros! Several costs have been added to this result: detention and escort of persons held in the PRA, operating expenses of the PRA, food and laundry expenses for migrants, transport and medical and social services, assistance in exercising rights, operating expenses of the Ministry of Immigration, but also the cost of investing in building new CRAs and expanding old ones. »

Source: How much does it cost to move out?

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