the Roca Team was eliminated after a period of sweltering money in Piraeus

IT’S OVER ! Monaco is eliminated!

The Roca Team lost 94-88 after a period of stifling money. The Monegasques were in the lead for most of the game but succumbed to the awakening of the Greeks in the last quarter. How cruel to lose in Game 5!

Mike James’s 24 points and Ouattara’s 15 (5/7 three-pointers) will not have been enough for Monaco, but they are coming out of their first season in the Euroleague.

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Six seconds to play! Monaco will lose this match …

The Greek fans invaded the pitch six seconds from the end, in an excited atmosphere! 94-88 for Olympiacos …

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 94-88 (53 “)

Terrible, Dorsey finds the target by three points and brings Olympiacos to six points. Behind, Monaco loses the ball …

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 91-86 (1’40 “)

Sloukas scored his two shots, +5 for the Greeks.

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 89-86 (2 ‘)

James responds to Sloukas behind the arch and keeps Munich alive! The Roca Team bends but does not break.

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 84-83 (3 ‘)

Bacon’s big shot to get the Monk back to a point!

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 82-81 (4 ‘)

The two teams respond in quick succession. A time of unbreathable money is coming!

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 76-77 (6 ‘)

Paris Lee, precious in the first period, has to go out for five faults!

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 75-77 (6 ‘)

Bacon cools the room a bit with 2/2 on the launch line. Munich is still ahead!

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 72-75 (8 ‘)

Mike James records three pitches but commits his fourth foul with a quick pace. He must return to the bench to avoid making the fifth too soon.

Q4: Olympiacos-Monaco 72-72 (8 ‘)

It came out very strong! Vezenkov scores a triple with the foul and converts his shot behind. Perfect equality!

End Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 66-70

MIKE JAMES’S HUGE SHOT AT THE BUZZER! The Monegasque scored a killer three points to allow the Roca Team to close this 3rd quarter with a four point advantage.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 62-67 (1 ‘)

Andjusic’s awakening at the end of the 3rd quarter! The Serbian plants five points and allows Monaco to get some air.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 58-60 (3 ‘)

Monaco took a two-point lead thanks to Mike James on the free throw. The Roca Team weathered the storm.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 55-55 (4 ‘)

And seven points in a row for Walkup, who steals the ball in the hands of Andjusic and goes to equalize alone on the counterattack. The Monegasques are suffering.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 53-55 (5 ‘)

Ouch, the Roca Team takes some shine and sees the Greeks come back to two small points. Obradovic immediately sets a time-out.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 48-55 (6 ‘)

Vezenkov finds the target from three points, but James wakes up on the Monaco side and the American champion allows Team Roca to keep a small margin in advance.

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 43-51 (8 ‘)

Ouattara is unplayable! Another winning shot for the Frenchman, now 5/6 behind the arch in this match!

Q3: Olympiacos-Monaco 41-48

It’s time for the third quarter!

End Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 41-48

It’s the break in Piraeus! After an ultra offensive second quarter, won 35-30 by Monaco, the Roca Team is in the lead. The Monegasques responded with intensity and were able to rely on their external ability to hurt the Greeks.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 38-48 (1 ‘)

Ouattara catches fire! Two three consecutive points for him, 4/5 in all behind the arc from the start of the game. Monaco returns to the open sea.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 36-41 (3 ‘)

Three-point action for Dorsey, who brings the Greeks back to five points.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 33-41 (3 ‘)

Mckissic is very hot on the Olympiacos side. With his 16 points, the American keeps the Greeks alive.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 30-39 (3 ‘)

Great shot by Thomas for Monaco. The Roca Team keeps its mattress early.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 25-35 (5 ‘)

Send big shots from all sides, but in this little game the Monegasques have the answer with Ouattara! 10 points advantage for the Roca Team.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 22-30 (6 ‘)

Three-point action for Hall on dunk with foul and winning shot in Lee’s wake! The Greeks respond with a shot from behind the arch, but Team Roca hurts Olympiacos a lot.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 16-24 (7 ‘)

Paris Lee, again! The Monegasque has scored three points, already nine units for him tonight.

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 13-21 (8 ‘)

Paris Lee continues her work off the bench and allows Monaco to take a first break!

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 11-16 (9 ‘)

Kevin Durant is there to support his former teammate Mike James and the Roca Team.

Kevin Durant © La Chaine L’Equipe

Q2: Olympiacos-Monaco 11-16 (9 ‘)

Papanikolaou against Bacon, act III. This time the Monegasque has the better of the Greek by scoring a shot from outside with a foul. The shot is converted into a stride.

End Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 11-13

The Monegasques are ahead at the end of a difficult first quarter, where defenses clearly take precedence over attacks.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 11-13 (1 ‘)

Papanikolaou’s huge counterattack on Bacon, knowing that the two men had warmed up just before. The Greek catches the Monegasque off guard and raises the room for Peace and Friendship.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 9-13 (2 ‘)

Collision between Papanikoláou and Bacon away from the ball. The referees will review the images, but in the end they do not call any fault.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 9-13 (2 ‘)

The address behind the arch is still there for the Monegasques, who regain a four-point lead thanks to an award-winning shot from Lee.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 6-8 (3 ‘)

First game time-out and the Monegasques have the advantage! The Roca Team put a lot of defensive pressure on the Greeks and managed to punish from a distance, thanks to Ouattara and Motiejunas.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 6-5 (7 ‘)

Great pace of entry imposed by the Greeks, but a nice three points of Ouattara cools everyone down a bit.

Q1: Olympiacos-Monaco 0-0 (9 ‘)

Let’s go to a glowing room in Piraeus! The Roca Team is 40 minutes away from a historic Final 4.

The 5 largest in Monaco

Westermann, James, Ouattara, Thomas, Motiejunas

Efes Istanbul in the semifinals

The winner of this match 5 will face Efes Istanbul in Final 4 in Belgrade on May 19th. The other semifinal will be played between Barça and Real Madrid.

Kevin Durant should be there to encourage Monaco

In the stands on Friday in Monaco to support his former team-mate, Mike James, during match 4, the Nets superstar should, according to our information, be present again at the Salle de la Paix et de l’Amitié in Piraeus to attend to this game 5.

Monaco one step away from a historic Final Four

After drawing 2-2 in this series on Friday (78-77), AS Monaco offered themselves the right to play Match 5 in Greece on Wednesday evening (20:30), in the hot room of Peace and Friendship, for hope to win a ticket to a Final Four that no French team has achieved since 1997. The performance would be immense.

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Good morning everyone

Welcome to the RMC Sport website and to the application to follow live and in full match 5 of the Euroleague quarter-finals between Olympiacos and Monaco. While the two teams have each won two matches in this series, the winner will validate their ticket for Final 4 tonight. The match will start at 20:30.

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