The Voice 2022: Amel Bent touched in the heart for the last night of the cross-battles

Saturday 30 April 2022 a The voice, the cross battles continued. As for the first part, each coach had to choose one of his Talents in order to compete on the title of his choice against that of another manager. It is the audience present on the set who then designated the winner of each battle, thus permanently eliminating the underdog from the adventure. Selected candidates now have an appointment for super-cross battles. Last step before the live broadcast!

Girolamo in front of Luisa

Marc Lavoine took the lead to launch this new evening of cross battles. He sent Jérôme on stage, who had to face Louise from Vianney’s team. Jérôme is a bit of a wild card of the season. His blind audition had surprised many, but he still seduced Marc Lavoine. He had managed to show more seriousness during the battles, revealing a new side of himself, more moving. He sang Doctor by Claude Nougaro. Keeping his natural humor he remained honest and surprised the coaches with his great performance. Louise on her side has always been convinced by her talent. To stand out from her, she played the emotion card accompanied by her piano on the title It could be magic by Donna Estate. Two radically different performances. The public voted to keep Louise at 74%. He qualifies for the super cross battles and Jérôme is eliminated.

Amber in front of Gautier

Florent Pagny challenged Vianney’s team with Ambre, who faced Gautier. The first sang The world is made of stone by Fabienne Thibeault, a technically very difficult piece of which she managed to appropriate despite a difficult start marked by some false notes. Gautier, on his part, continued Conceived by John Lennon, who pleased his coach very much. “It will make me cry“, He let himself go at the end of his performance. The public voted to keep Gautier at 52%. He qualifies for super cross battles and Amber is eliminated.

Cherine in front of Mister Mat

Amel Bent trusted Chérine to face Mister Mat of Vianney’s team. The bubbly Canadian has embarked Break my heart by Dua Lipa, offering a rhythmic and very suggestive show that made her coach get up to dance. Meanwhile Mister Mat has accepted the bet to take over the pipe Married by Johnny Hallyday in his own version. Accompanied simply by his guitar, he performed an acoustic performance highlighting his very low tone which has nothing to do with the original and which was unanimously acclaimed. The public voted to keep Mister Mat at 68.2%. He qualifies for the super cross-battles and Chérine is eliminated.

Apie in front of Lou

It was then Apie, from Marc Lavoine’s team, who was called to take the stage. She competed with Lou’s talent in Florent Pagny’s team. Api performed padam padam by Edith Piaf. A register that adheres to her skin while her voice sounds like that of the famous singer. Lou showed great vocal power right after the title It will not divide us by INXS. Usually rather weak in terms of accuracy, this time the 17-year-old teenager didn’t miss any notes! The public voted to keep Lou at 68.4%. He qualifies for the Super Cross-Battles and Apie is eliminated.

Emily confronts Loris

Vianney sent Émilie into the arena to join Loris on Marc Lavoine’s team. It’s a fun battle that formed there as the two candidates switched teams along the way. Émilie was initially coached by Florent Pagny but during the battles, after being eliminated, she was fished out by Vianney. As for Loris, he hadn’t even managed to get through the blind auditions, but Nolwenn Leroy’s very special power finally allowed him to continue the adventure within Marc Lavoine’s team. Émilie was the first to sing the difficult and very technical title Wicked games by Chris Isacco. Loris, who we remember only sang for a few months, then took over the last single from Stromae, Hell. They both proved they haven’t stolen their place in the adventure! The public voted to keep Loris at 74.7%. She qualifies for super cross battles and Émilie is eliminated.

Matteo in front of Madeline

Amel Bent continued the evening by challenging his talent Matteo against a candidate from Marc Lavoine’s team, or Madeline. Two singers with a lot of sensitivity who have taken two titles from the French song. Matteo sang softly Do not go by Elsa Lunghini. The magic worked for all the coaches who found it very touching. Coach Amel, in particular, had tears in her eyes. “You have awakened in me anguish as ancient as the world, you have a magical power“, she turned to him. Madeline, always so mesmerizing, for her part shone on stage with Who killed the grandmother? by Michel Polnareff. The public voted to keep Matteo at 65.2%. He qualifies for super cross battles and Madeline is eliminated.

Sonia in front of Lea

There was only one talent left in Florent Pagny’s team and it was Sonia. She found herself facing Léa, the latest candidate for Marc Lavoine who had been recruited by the latter after being eliminated from Amel Bent’s team. Sonia delivered a powerful performance Write the story by Gregorio Lemarchal. The young 17-year-old candidate made Florent Pagny very proud, who was amazed by her voice and her great craftsmanship. “You really are a super warrior, what are you sending! He is magnificent!“, he judged. Then it was Léa’s turn. The beautiful brunette sang In the air tonight by Phil Collins and captivated his audience. The public voted to keep Sonia at 73.1%. He qualifies for the super cross-battles and Léa is eliminated.

Maria in front of Axel

And there were only two left. Amel Bent and Vianney came face-to-face to close these emotional cross battles. The singer only had to send the young Mary on stage, who measured herself with Axel. The latter was flawless in taking over Arch by Duncan Laurence. He managed to pass all the notes brilliantly, even the highest. Mary did not let herself be defeated while she sang The greatest love of all by Whitney Houston. The public voted to keep Mary at 52.3%. He qualifies for super cross battles and Axel is eliminated.


Vianney: Louise, Gautier, Pauline, Mr. Matt

Amel Bent: Vike, Doryan, Lena, Leeroy, Mary, Matteo

Fiorentino Pagny: Jade, Charles, Kevin, Jean Palau, Nour, Sonia, Lou

Marc Lavoine: Clemente, Ofé, Loris, Caroline

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