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by Alice Scaglioni

What is the Met Gala? And when will it be held? Everything you need to know about the 2022 edition of the most anticipated event of the month in New York

The first Monday of May means only one thing to a fashion lover: with Gala† One evening, New York – and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in particular – becomes the nerve center of global glamour, attracting the most influential personalities from the worlds of entertainment and fashion. Some call it the Party of the Year or even the East Coast Oscars, but what is it?

What is the Met Gala?

Officially, the Costume Institute Benefit is a charity girl held on the first Monday of May to raise money for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City† Organized and chaired by Anna Wintour since 1995, it consists of a dinner organized by the Costume Institute, which is both organizer and beneficiary of the funds raised from the participations. Indeed, the evening is the main source of annual funding for the museum’s exhibitions, publications and activities. The event will start in the evening, but arrivals are expected to be staggered to avoid red carpet traffic: the first guests will arrive around 5:30 PM (New York time, ours is 11:30 PM) and the last may be delayed to 8 about 2 hours Italian time. However, the most famous usually arrive when they want (Rihannato make a name for herself usually arrives when she prefers, fueling tension for her landing on the Met Gala carpet and for her lookalways very picturesque and in keeping with the theme of the year).

How to follow him in Italy

To follow the arrival of the guests live that you can see stream on Fashion
(wherever the countdown to the event is), on site of the Met or via the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles, from 6 pm local time (Italian time midnight).

Who are the presenters of the evening

The evening’s special co-hosts are Regina King, Lin-Manuel Miranda and married couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. There will be – of course – Anna Wintour, the director of Vogue America, the true soul behind the event (as well as one of the most important figures in world fashion); Adam Mosseri, Instagram head of Meta, the company that endorses the exhibition and party with Cond Nast; and stylist and director Tom Ford, as reported by the New York Times

The guests

Among the guests this year our Ferragnez also appearwho will be dressed as Donatella Versace, while the actress would be one of the great absentees Zendaya, one of the undisputed protagonists of the red carpet of recent years. The guest list is usually top secret – at least until a few hours before the event – but there are some that are not missing (almost never): actress Sarah Jessica Parker (what fashion event would be without Carrie Bradshaw?), singer Rihanna (who may jump this year as the birth of her first child is expected soon) and Blake Lively, who still remains one of the most admired on the red carpet.

The theme of the year

The dress code of the 2022 edition of the Met Gala gilded glamour, which traditionally recalls the Costume Institute exhibition this year devoted to American fashion (the exhibition is divided into two parts: the first, In America: a lexicon of fashion
had given the theme of the Met Gala 2021, which was held in September, and the second, which will open on May 7 and dictate the theme of the Met 2022, In America: An Anthology of Fashion† There will be – we can bet – some provocations brought to the scene by the outfit: it was the turn of last year Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wore a white mermaid dress with a red Tax the rich script. Or the model Cara Delevingne, who wore a white bodice with Peg the Patriarchy written on the chest, an invitation to resist patriarchy.

The anti-Covid precautions

In 2020, the Met Gala was not held due to the Covid pandemic, while in 2021 the evening was postponed to September, in a sort of late gal. This year we are returning to the traditional month of May and – as the pandemic has not gone away – guests must provide proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test to enter. They should also wear face protection (such as a face mask or similar) when not drinking or eating.

How much does it cost to attend the Met Gala?

The cost of the tickets would be about 35 thousand dollars, while the amount for booking a table ranges from 200 thousand to 300 thousand dollars.

Why is it so famous (and why are celebrities willing to pay so much?)

Anna Wintour, director of Vogue America and artistic director of Cond Nast, who became president in 1995 and took over the permanent guide in 1999. It is thanks to her that the event has become so central to the fashion world, so much so that it has had the media write pages and thousands of fans dreaming with photo of the red carpet and able to see personalities from the fashion world, music , but also to bring entrepreneurs (Elon Musk a regular guest in recent years), athletes, models and influencers together. More than $16 million was raised in 2021.

What’s Happening at the Met Gala

In reality, no one knows for sure, as it is forbidden to post content from within the party on social networks (although in previous editions some models have been caught taking selfies while smoking in the bathrooms). Fashion expert Vanessa Friedman on the New York Times writes that there is some form of reception with the hosts. Guests line up and tour the exhibit as they make their way to the cocktail party. After the aperitif we go to dinner and then to the show, which generally changes from year to year.

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