Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1186 on Monday 16 May 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us” … While Bart faces a tragedy, an argument breaks out between Raphaëlle and Camille. At the same time, Samuel and Victoire find common ground.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Monday 16 May to Tomorrow belongs to us …

Louise dies in the hospital

Although Louise was treated quickly and transported to the hospital without delay, there were complications during her resuscitation and the young woman is between life and death. According to Marianne, her life prognosis is busy.

On the estate where the wedding took place, Damien announces to Martin and Sébastien Perraud that traces of digitalis have been found in one of the champagne flutes. Louise was then poisoned. With Mercier dead, prosecutor Perraud comes to the conclusion that they are dealing with an imitator, who has surely already killed Gaëlle Richet and the florist. According to him, Mercier came to Sète to compete with his disciple, hence his new modus operandi with a syringe.

At the police station, Chloé explains to Martin and Sébastien Perraud that she saw Louise arguing with Gary, her ex-husband, minutes before Bart discovered her in the estate’s garden. They were arguing about marriage. Louise didn’t understand how Gary could make a declaration of love to her a few hours after she said “yes” to Bart. Their altercation was pretty violent according to Chloe.

For their part, Aurélien and Mathilde do not understand how their mother could have been poisoned. Mathilde speculates that Mercier may have had an accomplice. Karim interrupts them to ask them some questions. The two teenagers assure that they did not notice anything abnormal during the wedding.

Karim then questions them about Gary. Aurélien explains that he took a plane the day before from Athens to join his father who had already been in France, in Marseille, for several days to buy a new boat. They then traveled together to Sète.

Gary was not long in being questioned by Georges and the prosecutor Perraud. He explains to them that he had planned to come to Marseille to buy a boat and that he took advantage of Louise’s wedding to bring forward the date of the meeting by a week. He then admits he had a fight with Louise on the night of the wedding. And he explains that he couldn’t bear to see his ex-wife him in her wedding dress, happy with another man. And that he confessed his feelings about him to Louise, which didn’t satisfy Louise. But he swears he didn’t hurt her.

Georges asks Gary not to leave Sète and to remain reachable. Could Aurélien and Mathilde’s father have been inspired by Mercier’s crimes? Perraud does not want to rule out any leads.

Gary joins his children in the hospital and Bart, who can’t stand seeing him here, confronts him. Mathilde defends her father, convinced that she could not harm her mother. But Bart doesn’t want to hear anything and accuses Gary of wanting to kill Louise because he couldn’t bear to see her happy. As they prepare to fight, Marianne interrupts them and asks Bart to follow her without delay.

In Louise’s hospital room, William explains to Bart that his wife’s condition deteriorated rapidly. Treatment with neutralizing antibodies did not produce the expected effects. Marianne then announces to her nephew that she is finished. There is no point in trying too hard, Louise’s heart is too weak.

Now alone with Louise, Bart is inconsolable. He takes his wife’s hand and begs her not to let go. But Louise’s heart eventually stops beating. The young woman has just died. Bart collapses with sadness.

Stanislas manipulates Raphaëlle and Camille

Raphaëlle keeps thinking about what Stanislas told her about Dorian. She refuses to see her daughter suffer from her but she doesn’t know how to tell her the truth. To get him away from Dorian, she makes Camille believe that she no longer wants Dorian to sleep at home. She adding that they are too young to spend the night together and that she wants Camille to focus on her reviews of her for her French baccalaureate.

In high school, Camille expresses her anger and misunderstanding to Dorian who speculates that Sébastien, her grandfather, is behind all this. After all, he’s known for his stern side and recently frowned upon Raphaëlle and Stanislas’s relationship. Camille then decides to confront her grandfather. Sébastien assures that he has not talked about Dorian with Raphaëlle. But he still agrees with her: Camille is too young to sleep with her boyfriend.

Later, Stanislas tries to comfort Camille and makes her believe that he does not agree with her mother at all and that he has tried in vain to change her mind. He assures that he finds Dorian exceptional and that he has no problem sleeping with her.

Stanislas then questions Camille about Dorian’s parents and the teenager explains to him that they have no problem seeing her sometimes spend the night with her son. Camille then realizes that her mother’s partner reluctantly suggests that she go to sleep on her boyfriend’s parents’ boat.

In the evening, Raphaëlle and Stanislas meet Camille in front of the house. The teenager announces to her mother that she is going to sleep with Dorian, which obviously does not suit Raphaëlle. Camille points out that Dorian’s parents are not as old-fashioned as she is. Raphaëlle asks her daughter to talk to her differently, but Camille does what she wants and leaves.

Stanislas, who witnessed the scene, admits that Camille went too far and that the way she spoke to Raphaëlle was borderline. But he advises his partner not to go and get her daughter from the Curti, suggesting instead to reflect on things and set limits for Camille in the future.

Victoire and Samuel find common ground

Samuel brings Victoire breakfast in bed and apologizes for his attitude the night before. He admits he acted like an idiot. After flattering his partner so that she agrees to forgive him, Samuel proposes to Victoire to swap roles for an evening. He would in turn become her slave. An idea that appeals to the young doctor who does not want to wait and asks Samuel to undress. The opportunity for the two lovebirds to reconcile under the duvet.

Later, at the Spoon, however, the quarrels between them resume. When they choose their dish, they are unable to agree as they both want to please each other. And it’s the same with the bill: they both want to pay it!

By dint of having taken the lead, Victoire and Samuel end up eating a sandwich in the hospital toilet, under William’s amused gaze. Once home in the evening, the two lovers come to the conclusion that they are not meant to be a “gnangnan” couple and that they shouldn’t crash to please each other. Finally on the same wavelength, they reconcile.

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