“Top Chef 2022”: Wilfried Romain reacts to his elimination

Pascal ViLAPascal ViLA / M6

Wilfried Romain, the eliminated candidate of “Top Chef” reacts.

TELEVISION – Paul Pairet loses again one of his proteges. After being eliminated for the first time, he then returned to the competition following the sudden departure of LilianWilfried Romain has left the kitchens of superior Boss, this Wednesday 4th May.

During this twelfth bonus broadcast on M6, the candidates were split into two groups. The first four had to offer a unique tasting to the American chef Mike Bagale, pioneer of “floating food”. The others had to seduce the world’s most starred female chef, Anne-Sophie Pic, with a simple vegetable. Mickaël, Arnaud and Wilfried finished their waivers and collided on one last occasion around the duck breast. Unfortunately for Wilfried, his duck meatballs and dish with Asian notes did not allow him to qualify.

The traveler candidate of this thirteenth season he cooked all over the world. After starting out in Luxembourg, she decides to go to Australia and then to South America, more precisely to Chile where she works in one of the best restaurants in the world: Boragó. Back in France, he obtained positions in prestigious establishments such as the Mandarin Oriental or even L’Orangerie at the George V.

After his elimination, he agreed to answer some questions posed by The HuffPost.

Upon your deletion from Top Chef, you said to leave with no regrets. You really don’t have any?

Inevitably, I tell myself that I could have gone further, but I have no regrets. If I had left the first episode, yes, I would have. I’ve done twelve weeks of competitions and it’s already fantastic. I showed things and took risks that I liked. Even this last occasion on the duck breast, it still makes me laugh to think that I made the duck meatballs. I was trying to test the wrong way and it didn’t work, too bad. I see it perhaps as a game before a competition and perhaps this is one of my faults.

On this last occasion, what did you miss?

Maybe it happened because I think those duck meatballs could have been great. When you do something like this, it has to be perfect and it wasn’t. So it does not forgive. And then maybe sometimes I do the tests too coldly.

As for your relaxed attitude, some internet users have compared you to Adrien Cachot …

It’s funny because it’s the kind of thing I’ve never been told, except on social media. Frankly, I don’t really care. I think we’re still very different from me and Adrien Cachot. We won’t lie to each other, he has a much better level of cooking.

Thierry Marx bets on the right horses “

What were your reasons for participating Top Chef?

I thought it might be nice to do Top Chef. My friend Thomas Chisholm, with whom I worked at the Mandarin Oriental, attended it in 2021 and only good things came out of it. She advised me to pass the casting and I got hooked. I went there to meet people, challenge myself and let great chefs taste my cuisine. It’s super interesting and educational because you learn things about yourself and your cooking.

We note that many candidates like you have worked at the Mandarin Oriental together with Thierry Marx. We can talk about a stable Top Chef?

Thierry Marx bets on good horses (laughs). In fact I worked there with Thomas Chisholm, Mory Sacko and Martin Feragus of Season 10. It’s been a few years and it’s fun to see all four of us take part Top Chef. We were a crazy team there and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other guys who worked with us participate in season 14.

Let’s go back to your journey on the show. You were first with the reds before your first elimination, then you had the chance to replace Lilian in the purple brigade. How did you experience this return?

For once, I was a little disappointed that my career stopped after eight episodes. I wanted to go further, but very sincerely I accepted the defeat against Louise. You should know that two hours have passed between my elimination and my return. I had time to call my brother to tell him it was over and a few hours later I texted him to announce my return to the contest. He was lost (laughs). It was nice to come back, but we still wonder if we deserve it. I remember that Paul Pairet had very right words on this situation. I was like a phoenix rising from his ashes.

Paul Pairet adapts to every candidate “

Several times in this episode you talk about chemistry with Paul Pairet. What did it bring you?

For the record, he’s the chef I absolutely wanted to be with. So it was great to be on his team. What I find very interesting with Paul Pairet is that he fits every candidate perfectly. He is always on the board to bring us to reflection. I remember very well that during the tests I explained my idea to him and he took the time to think. He took a step back from what was happening in the kitchen and came back to see me a few minutes later. And this is where he has that little bit extra that will help us move forward in events. In addition, it shows on the screen, we have matched well.

Thanks to your victory with Mickaël and Arnaud in the restaurant war, you have opened your ephemeral restaurant Philo Saucisse. Did you expect such enthusiasm?

It’s a delusion, we won’t lie. Shooting and winning the event is already fantastic. But look the concept of Filo Sausage come to life and view almost full every day, it’s crazy. I hadn’t necessarily thought about it as I was in some kind of bubble for the restaurant opening. After that there is still a menu around sausages, so we tell ourselves that maybe people will be bored, they will not understand or that on the contrary, they will not be interested. But so far it’s going very well.

Do you have a shooting anecdote to share?

During the Philippe Etchebest event in Bordeaux, the four of us set off with Pascal, Thibaut and Sébastien. It was a very nice transition between visiting the city and visiting the chef’s restaurant, which was not yet open at the time. I think he was very proud to share it with us and it was a very beautiful moment that I have very good memories of.

I will open my restaurant in 2023 “

What are your future plans?

I am looking to do a residency this summer. Then I’ll be opening my restaurant in the Paris region by early 2023. There are little things happening too, but I’d rather not say too much to keep the element of surprise. In any case, I can tell you that I am very happy with the ongoing projects.

A small prediction for the final?

Without hesitation Mickaël and Louise. Mickaël, because he is a very complete cook, who refuses nothing and is very solid. Louise, because having worked with her in the brigade, she is an excellent candidate who has an excellent cooking philosophy. Also, I would find it great if a girl went to the final, because there have only been two winners from the start Top Chef. For me, it’s not just the technical side that comes into play. I like to judge people from a human point of view and I find that humanly speaking, they both deserve to go far. Also, I saw that Thibaut copied me for the prognosis (laughs).

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