“What is a worthy teacher?”

May I distribute copies, sir? » « No, no, I’m in “. Knowing about the handling of flammable substances, I take full responsibility. The moment is solemn, the atmosphere of the class is tense. I’m joking a little, just to downplay the moment, teenagers are waiting for it: ” Do you know the rule? “Chorus:” Yes, sir » « The heavier the stack of copies, the worse the scores “. I take the package, give it to a random child, who pretends not to be able to pick it up. The fifth plays a game, the forest of weapons rises. Everyone wants to try to snatch Excalibur from my hands. I repeat the operation two or three times, the students perfectly imitate helpless knights, no one takes the role of Arthur Pendragon.Finally, I end up picking up, picking up, picking up copies very high, as I often do.General scores are good.

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It was a test of knowledge, one of those little evaluations that are announced in advance. No surprises. The most academic are reassured, they were a hit. Others, less industrious, caught up with the branches of their memories or their general knowledge and saved the furniture, and then a small group did not succeed, for various reasons: lack of personal work, problems of understanding heterogeneous and varied, momentary lethargy due to “ family difficulties sometimes there really is no reason. Failing a high school test happens to everyone. Cheer up, we learn from these failures, don’t we? For them, a word: Come on keep trying “,” Stay as close to the middle as possible, don’t lift “,” Sign up for homework [le dispositif d’aide aux devoirs sur base de volontariat] you will be more comfortable working “Evaluate means to be on the edge, not overestimate, so as not to be disappointed at the end of the third year or in high school, not to be reluctant to maintain a little motivation. Be as fair as possible and maintain a collective working spirit, because if the assessments are individual, the class the climate conducive to the progress of each is a group construct.

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Sir, I’m losing my moment A. loves to keep records. He looks like Harry Potter, but when” this is the average he is an adviser to Crédit Agricole, he pulls out a fissa calculator. I tell from my side, the scene reminds me of a Flemish painting Lender and his wife Quentin Metsis. “ No, A., you even have 13.75, which I rounded up to 14. “. ” But there on this issue you put 1 point B. and not me “. “ But B. added that it is the percentage of the world’s population, and you do not, that changes the meaning of your answer “. The same bargaining when we mark by skill: ” Why is my dot orange and not green when I answered the same question two months ago and got green? » « Since new skills are expected from you in a quarter, look at your skill descriptor (reading grid). Evaluation is complex and every teacher is aware of the limitations of the exercise, so we pay more attention to the overall development of the student, which therefore includes many parameters.

American example

So, are you a good or bad teacher? Do you deserve a raise? Speaking of grading… A mocking SVT colleague greets everyone who enters the staff room with this little question. Presidential candidates’ statements about school are clearly commented between coffee maker and photocopier. And we (re)hear about “merit pay” The concept is vague and leads to a connection between the “personal merit of the teacher” and the results of his students.The experiment has already been tested on a large scale, especially in the United States.

. With no definitive results, it was largely abandoned. On the other hand, American colleagues receive higher “incentive” bonuses than in Europe, according to very objective criteria determined in consultation with trade union representatives.

Thus, a Tennessee teacher who agrees to teach in an understaffed subject or in an area where the work is more difficult will be paid (much) better. According to certain criteria, this already exists in France. For example, colleagues who teach at REP or REP+ (priority education network) have an annual bonus, those who agree to be “head teacher”, too. If here it seems unthinkable to pay better only to math teachers, we could already start by increasing all the colleagues who agree to become “head teacher”, because this is a real overload of work. Or those who are engaged in the creation of some kind of educational project. Nowadays, many clubs or school activities are run or organized on a voluntary basis.

Meritocracy score The problems of the school are in no way connected with the individual “merits” of one or the other, they are rather structural in nature. Our education system supports inequality, not fights it, it’s a meritocracy of grades, and now the skills of the future skills

in companies where those with the codes always succeed. Students who are in difficulty often remain so throughout the course, and their children after them. The diagnosis was completely established. We know that there is a very strong correlation between social environment and academic achievement. It is a whole, and the school, like the police, the judiciary, or the hospital, is the seat of many social ills.

Paying attention to the merits of teachers, are we looking at the bright side? After all, what is a good teacher? Let’s say a student in great difficulty, one of those who tops the PISA country ranking, has become a kind of alpha and omega, survives and enters qualifying training. Who gets the loan? For him, firstly, he is the main actor, but still? The techno teacher who introduced him to the software? A fellow mathematician who reconciled him to the subject, or a fellow musician who opened up a cultural horizon for him? To one of his teachers who gave him a solid foundation? CPE, the director who took him between the four eyes to put him back on the right track? A high-ranking official from the rector’s office, an inspector who noticed good practices somewhere and wants to spread the experience? A prevention teacher, a boss during a career discovery course? His family ?

When did the baby click? Because the children who succeed are the ones for whom school makes sense and who are confident in the future. Linking student success to the individual merit of teachers or institutions and, ultimately, to staff salaries is risky. It means taking the risk of creating a false progression because nothing is more manageable than statistics. Great will be the temptation to become Stakhanov’s teachers in the Potemkin school, a window dressing. As the book says

Paying teachers what they deserve (Silleps, 2008) by Alain Chaptal, Thomas Lemarch and Romuald Norman.

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