Why Letsignit takes care of its corporate culture to develop better

It is with my hat as CEO of Letsignit that I would like to immerse you in what is called the little story. I am not referring to media headlines, public financial statements, or the evolution of our marketing strategies over time. No, I prefer to share with you the real backstage of a startup; how our resilience is rooted in our values; what drives us to write the next ten years of our own adventure.

Letsignit arises from the diversification of products

It all starts with MailInBlack. Our anti-spam software solution to protect professional emails and prevent cyber attacks. At that time, we were cultivating the ground that gave us the necessary legitimacy in SaaS, B2B, and email in general.

Next comes the idea of ​​completing the MailInBlack offer. We are thinking of a solution for easy creation and management of employee email signatures. However, the value proposition and the markets are different. Quickly, from a simple diversification of products, an independent entity will be born: this is the genesis of Letsignit.

No mistakes, no learning

To adapt, we had to face challenges. And it is these same challenges that have made us grow. Literally grow, first and foremost in size, to massively recruit and renew our teams. To provide the means for such a change, the solution involves the seniorization of talent (new VP Sales EMEA and new CTO, both accustomed to large structures).

However, the growth of a team must also be accompanied by new investments in “Customer Care” in order to be as close as possible to the new challenges of customers at an international level. With larger teams and more and more users, the question of scalability arises.

The answer lies in the standardization of processes and certifications (we are currently in the final phase of certification of the ISO 27001 standard on information security management). I could list our transformations, challenges, and mistakes, but I’m afraid to stray. And that is precisely what it is about.

How do we stop scattering

Recently, in 2021, Letsignit stopped scattering. To continue to scale, realizing who we can deliver the most efficiency to is critical. Therefore, the decision was made to focus only on market segments with high added value: companies with more than 100 employees, who use Microsoft Office 365.

This revolution in our corporate vision was necessary. It allows you to capture, or even anticipate, changes in the market to position yourself correctly and above all very quickly. Realizing that we have to raise the bar is one thing. The implementation of corrective actions is another. This is often where the shoe pinches. At Letsignit, our priority lies in our ability to maintain a common thread. And this common thread must remain in the minds of each one of our employees in every decision, in every action.

A guide in a changing market

When you have the common ambition to become the world champion of email signing, it brings its share of changes. And renovation is stressful. 50% growth per year is maddening. Going from start-up to expansion is no small feat.

Impossible to always control everything. Except maybe one thing: our guide. And the Letsignit guideline is rooted in the founding values ​​and culture of our organization. Without this foundation, we falter. How to keep the balance? In our case, relying on 4 fundamentals:

  • Darehe is bold and stumbling as he learns to walk;
  • Watch outis to take care of our employees, customers and suppliers;
  • Justis to ensure that everyone collaborates with great transparency and loyalty;
  • Funnyit is the perspective of an unbreakable resilience, without forgetting, in reality, the pleasure of evolving in this project.

Let’s be honest, these four commandments were not set in stone when Letsignit was born. They grew out of our shared experiences and values. But the purpose of this article is not to list our successes, our failures and our values ​​one by one to inspire you. Realize that not everything happens in a day. Appreciate the path that leads you to your goal, because that is precisely where the best teachings are found.

In its beginnings, Letsignit was a startup looking for its market. It was by facing him that he found him. So of course the same goes for our four values. It was while we were growing up that we were able to verbalize them. Today, they reflect what is most precious to our corporate culture.

Company culture goes beyond a ping-pong table

In early 2022, we make changes to our human resources policy. In particular, we have decided to offer an additional twelve days off to our employees, since well-being at work also depends on well-being outside the office. In fact, certain populations can work outside of these offices and benefit from 100% telecommuting when possible. This allows time to be freed up for certain associative projects carried out by our employees and that on occasions we will continue to finance in full.

In fact, corporate culture goes beyond a beer tap, a ping-pong table or a cozy place. As CEO, my main mission is to spread the four pillars of our philosophy within the company as much as possible. I especially strive for this because, in the professional world, certain expressions such as “The client is king” continue to go through the times.

Personally, I think it is not. “Caring” is one of our core values. We will always dedicate our time and energy to our customers. However, “Care” is as much for our customers as it is for our employees. That is why serenity will always prevail, unequivocally, even if it means rejecting or stopping a commercial contract.

The definition of success is unique to each person.

I know that with these few words I run the risk of falling into the clichés of inspirational speeches, which are very numerous on LinkedIn. However, the essence of my message is sincere. Letsignit is above all a human adventure. The ups and downs that we have gone through and will continue to go through bring us unique experiences. Letsignit is ultimately just a support to live a rich experience of professional meetings, different personalities and new professions.

Behind the scenes, my greatest satisfaction is allowing everyone to grow first personally and then professionally. My greatest mission is to balance discomfort and serenity. It is in this disposition that challenges are no longer a source of stress, but of emotion. That the constant changes are no longer difficult times, but an opportunity to reach new horizons.

Therefore, turnover and growth are obviously proof of commercial success, which I am sure will continue. But, in the sense that I understand it, it is behind the scenes that success is developed.

Damien Neyret is CEO of Letsignit.

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