winning culture and local DNA at the center of the new cycle

Anthony Lopes and Castello Lukeba (Photo by OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP)

At OL, the games against Nantes and Clermont will mainly serve to prepare for next season. Over the last few days, the culture of winning and the DNA of Lyon have been put back at the center of the discussions and the project.

Above all, don’t tell him this season finale counts for nothing. In the chaotic season ofOLPeter Bosz believes that Lyonnais are not in a strong position to tell themselves that the last two days, including receiving Nantes, this Saturday (9:00 p.m.), they no longer have any interest now that Europe is out of reach. On Thursday, at a press conference, the Dutch coach recalled the importance of finishing the season well, although that will not erase the failure, to allow him to be better prepared for the next one. OL is not on vacation but has already cried this failed season.

“We are finishing a 3-year cycle that is not satisfactory. We do not have the results and therefore we have to draw conclusions, something that we have already started to do, Vincent said PonsotWednesday. With Bruno (Cheyrou), we have a roadmap apart from the arrival of investors.”

The Lyon squad has already set out to try to climb the hill and has already laid the foundations of what should lead to this success. Overwhelmed by certain options in the transfer window, by a deleterious environment between players and fans, theOL has lost part of its identity this season and Jean-Michel Aulas intends to remedy it quickly. Both in his open letter and in his media intervention for the extensions of Wendie Renard and Maxence Caqueret, the president of Lyon did not hide it: when the ship is rocking, the solution remains to go back to basics. Between the Rhône and the Saône, they are called the Lyon formation. From Caqueret to lopes passing by lukeba Y taste, Lyon’s season was ultimately only successful on this level: the rise and flourish of the OL Academy players. The club has understood this well and is therefore making this OL DNA the cornerstone of the new cycle.

“We must favor the DNA of OL by building the confidence of a certain number of young people like Malo Gusto, Castello Lukeba, Bradley Barcola, confessed classrooms. We want to make Maxence Caqueret the focal point of a certain amount of energy and local DNA. With the Gambardella there was also the appearance of players”.

2002 where the example of dedication more than talent

Go back to the raw to find the heights, a strategy that was already demonstrated in the early 2010s with the generation Lacazette. There had been no title after 2012, but the communion between players and fans had never been as strong as it was since the glorious years in Lyon. In trying to bring back the striker fromArsenal supervising the young Lyonnais already present in Peter’s group the forest In addition to those who could come like Mohamed El Arouch, Jean-Michel Aulas lays the stones of his project. A spirit of camaraderie rather than a squad made up of individuals, this is the winning cocktail on which he wants to rely on the Lyon management, perhaps well reinforced in his idea by the “Party of Heroes” and the evening offered to the 2002 champions.

“The most successful teams in OL were mostly after 2004, so in our time there was this collective spirit of camaraderie that meant that in tough games we could outdo ourselves. gave us christophe delmotte after the charity match. We had good players but the collective effort was very important at that time. On Tuesday we were able to find these fighter values.

Each generation must write its own history and the eras are different. Only the ingredients that have conquered the great European clubs and theOL for ten years are often the same. As the former Lyon winger says, “There was Sonny (Anderson) pulling us” at the time of the first OL title and the goal is to find the right balance between talented players and warriors. A vision shared by Bruno Cheyruthe Lyon recruiting director who risks having his job cut over the summer between departures and arrivals to meet Peter Bosz’s expectations.

“Recruitment is about building a team, not just taking a good player. I think we can all tell a player if he’s necessarily good for OL or not. The most important thing is to recreate a workforce, conceded the former midfielder Liverpool. We can’t have 25 world champions or 25 average players. We must have a balanced squad with young people, seniors, Lyonnais, foreigners. The mood, the culture of winning, those who won the Gambardella, they did it and we really want to trust in this strength of the club.”

A Lyon youth already feeds the win

By winning the Gambardella Cup a week ago, Lyon U-19 reminded us that Lyon’s squad is among the best in Europe. Eventually the the arouch, Vogel or Patouillet are led to follow in the footsteps of certain elders. Accustomed to winning from a young age, they must perpetuate this culture of winning when the recruiting cell will have to aim better than last summer. Boateng Y Shakiri had this culture, only the athlete was not up to it. Now it’s up to you to find players that combine the two, all without Europe.

“A culture is built. You have to win to understand what it means to win. There is no message to convey responded Sonny Anderson when asked if the “Hero Match” could be used for the current team. The situation hurts, of course, but the present must make use of the past. You have to find a good balance. You have to be struggling to get the good stuff.”

This season, which ends in Nantes and Clermont seems to be the culmination of this difficulty. Without Europe, theOL We will have to go back to basics and above all be smart. A trademark despite the club dominating Ligue 1 head and shoulders with the Essien, Diarra

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