Winning Ukraine, which ranking for France?

EUROVISION. The Kalush Orchestra group, representing Ukraine, was crowned the winner of Eurovision 2022. Their portrait and ranking.

06:00 – Ukraine won Eurovision

It is a win that is not a surprise. Announced the favorite for several weeks, Ukraine won Eurovision on Saturday 14 May 2022. The victory was won by the rap group Kalush Orchestra, who performed the winning song “Stefania”.

01:30 – What is “Stefania”, the Eurovision winning song about?

DIRECT END. Ukraine won Eurovision with the title “Stefania”. This song is a tribute to the mother of the singer of the group. But the colorful songs offer a new interpretative grid to this piece, Ukraine can be perceived as the mother figure evoked in the song. Ukraine’s victory is therefore highly symbolic for the country invaded by Vladimir Putin’s troops. Below, relive Ukraine’s performance at Eurovision.

01:15 – Portrait of the Kalush Orchestra, winner of Eurovision 2022

The Kalush Orchestra allowed Ukraine to win this Eurovision 2022. The group formed in 2019 before releasing two albums in 2021. They performed their title “Stefania” on the Turin stage, a tribute to the singer’s mother but also to Ukraine perceived as a mother figure, while it is currently at war with Russia.

01:10 – What top ranking for this Eurovision 2022?

Ukraine was crowned Eurovision 2022 big winner with 631 points, thanks to massive public support. He is ahead of the UK (466 points) and Sweden (459 points). France, meanwhile, finished second to last with 17 points.

01:05 – “Vive Ukraine” drops the singer of the Kalush Orchestra

Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision is highly symbolic for the country. The Kalush Orchestra singer thanked the organizers and the audience for their support, before releasing a resounding “Vive Ukraine” which was widely applauded by the audience.

01:02 – Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022

With 631 points, Ukraine was crowned big winner of Eurovision 2022. Kalush Orchestra offers Eurovision’s third victory to their country.

00:59 – Spain will not be crowned the winner

Spain scored 459 points in total, which does not allow them to overtake Ukraine and its 631 points. We are still awaiting points from the UK and Sweden, who can still overtake Ukraine in the standings.

00:56 – Ukraine gets 439 points from the audience, a record

Ukraine should have been the big favorite for this Eurovision 2022, with particular support as the country is at war with Russia. The public gave Ukraine 439 points, which puts the country in the lead. This is a record in the history of Eurovision, no country has ever scored so many points from the public. In total, Ukraine has 631 points.

00:51 – Serbia takes the lead!

Serbia wowed the audience with its socially engaged song on public health and hygiene. He leads the standings with 312 points. The number of points awarded to the UK, Switzerland, Spain or Ukraine, the big favorites, is still unknown.

00:49 – The last known countries of the ranking

We know the countries that are in last place in the Eurovision 2022 ranking. Germany is last, with only 6 points, and France next to last with 17 points. They rank behind Romania, Belgium, Armenia, Finland, the Czech Republic and Iceland.

00:47 – Moldova gets 239 points from the public, an exceptional comeback!

The assignment of public points can change everything and Moldova has shown it. The country scored 239 points from the audience, which allows it to move up to third place with a total of 253 points.

00:45 – France gets 8 points from the audience

The score of the public and national jurors, France gets a total of 8 points. For the time being, Alvan and Ahez are ranked 19th, a ranking that is subject to change as spectator points are distributed.

00:40 – What is the ranking of national jurors?

All national jurors revealed their points distribution. Before the public vote, therefore, the United Kingdom is at the top of the table, ahead of Sweden and Spain. Ukraine is in fourth place. For its part, France is in the penultimate place, with only 9 points.

00:31 – The provisional ranking remains unchanged

Thirty countries have given their provisional rankings. The UK continues to lead the race, ahead of Sweden, Spain and Ukraine. France has 9 points, finishing in 21st place in the standings.

00:26 – France assigns its points to the United Kingdom

Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic and Portugal all received points from France. But the 12 hex points went to the UK.


France was represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. The members of this formation are four: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5, during the “Eurovision France: you decide” program. The tricolor group performed the song “Fulenn” on the Turin stage, which in Breton means both “spark” and “beautiful girl”. With 17 points, Alvan and Ahez finished in 24th place out of 25 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. It is since 1977 and since Marie Myriam’s victory that France has not won Eurovision.

Who Won Eurovision 2022? Broadcast live from Turin on Saturday 14 May 2022, the Eurovision final gave 25 nations the chance to shine but it was Ukraine that got the most points from the participating nations. Then followed by the United Kingdom in second place and Spain to finish on the podium. France, on the other hand, only got 17th place.

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